Kriyashakti for Prosperity & Success
Kriyashakti for Prosperity & Success

This special course by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui teaches the science of manifestation. Knowing we have goals to accomplish and sometimes mountains to climb, this course is extremely important for us to attend to learn the laws of success and prosperity. Achieving success in our personal and business goals is central to our self esteem and this course gives you a spiritual foundation for your success as 'Kriya' means purification & 'Shakti' means power.

Learn how to harness universal laws of energy and thought power to give you prosperity, wealth and abundance. The Kriyashakti course is designed to give you a better life and to fulfil your spiritual mission.

As Master says "Manifest your Greatness"

In the 2-day class you will learn:

Inner Kriyashakti – Learn effective ways of creating powerful thought forms.

Prosperity Meditations – Designed to build a network of powerful thought forms interlaced into your aura, to continuously attract prosperity and wealth, even as you sleep – The Real Midas Touch!

Harness the Power of the Spoken Word to accelerate the manifestation of your thoughts and wishes.

Use Secret Hand Gestures (mudras) and Eye Positions known only to high level magicians of ancient times to make thoughts physicalise faster.

Locate and activate your Prosperity Chakra and be more practical and grounded. This also makes you more magnetic to Prosperity and Success Energies.

You will be guided in many experiments to prove to yourself the efficacy of the teachings.

Protecting your projects and ideas from negative, sabotaging influences as well as poverty consciousness of "Doubting Thomases."

Kriyashakti is a Sanskrit word which means "using the power of thought to manifest things in the physical plane.”We are the sum total of our previous decisions and actions. These include our thoughts and emotions. Kriyashakti trains you how to actively create thoughts and emotions that are conducive to attracting prosperity and abundance. Kriyashakti also mean "materialisation through purification.” Kriyashakti also trains you how to avoid creating negative thoughts and conditions that manifest hardships and disasters. You will also learn how to use energy and willpower to destroy hindering thought forms and beliefs.

Absolutely not! If these are the only requirements then everyone who can talk and visualise should have anything they want. Kriyashakti goes beyond by sharing ancient secret formulas for precipitating thoughts into physical reality. This includes never before revealed "mudras" (hand positions) and Eye Positions to accelerate the manifestation of your goals and aspirations. Kriyashakti also teaches the Science of Entitlement. This powerful technique allows you to create the conditions that karmically entitle you to have your wishes fulfilled.
Kriyashakti gives you the exact formula to create financial abundance by actively Creating Good Luck & Intelligent Work.

Many work hard all their lives and end up with nothing and just depend on "social insecurity.”Yet, there are ones who seem to have money and opportunities fall on their lap.

Many work hard all their lives and end up with nothing and just depend on "social insecurity.”Yet, there are ones who seem to have money and opportunities fall on their lap.

Money is simply a tool. Just as a pen could write love letters and sign billion dollar contracts it can also sign death warrants and finalize divorce settlements.
Money and resources can be used constructively to help solve the world's problems. It can be used to give our children a good education and good living conditions.
Money can also be donated to charitable organisations to assist poverty and disease stricken areas. We believe that the proper amount of resources allows us the freedom to have time to meditate and serve humanity.
GrandMaster Choa always says "it is difficult to serve on an empty stomach."
Most of the powerful spiritual organisations have millions of dollars at their disposal to print spiritual books, advertise and hold gigantic meetings to quickly spread their message. Money and money equivalents can definitely be useful tools for furthering spiritual purposes.

These two courses are designed to work together to create an Inner as well as Outer Environment that will help you to quickly manifest your goals and wishes.

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How Long is the Class?

The class is 2 days from 9.30pm–6.30pm. As this class is taught by senior disciples of Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, we recommend early registrations to avoid disappointment.

Who can attend the Kriyashakti class?

Students who have completed the Arhatic Yoga Preparatory level class.

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