What is Arhatic Yoga?
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What is Arhatic Yoga

Arhatic Yoga or the 'Yoga of Synthesis' is an advanced set of spiritual practices. It is a system to rapidly & safely accelerate the development of the practitioner. Arhatic is derived from the word 'Arhat' which is a Pali Term, which literally means "He who is Worthy" or "He who is worthy of Praise.” The word "yoga" is from the Sanskrit root "yug" which means to yoke or unite.

In class, you will learn:

The Five Pillars of Arhatic Yoga

These are the fundamental principles that encourage the Arhatic practitioner to create a more balanced spiritual and material life.

Arhatic Purifications

A sophisticated yet simple system of cleansing negative thoughts and patterns. Also known as ‘samskaras’, these seeds unless removed, cause obstacles in your spiritual growth. It is essential to purify yourself of these tendencies.

Powerful breathing techniques

These highly effective breathing techniques cleanse the mind and body, enabling the practitioner to ready himself for the Arhatic meditations.

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